Wirbelwind is the AI unit of La Muse and the control system of Donnerschlag, created by Lumiere.

Relationships Edit

  • Lumiere: Wirbelwind and Lumiere have a strong bond between them. While Éclair is more outgoing and has lots of friends, Lumiere is more like a shy person, therefore when she created the artificial intelligence unit, she felt like she found a friend. This friendship became a bond between the two over the years. However, when Tweedledee destroyed not just La Muse, but Wirbelwind with it as well, Lumiere was so upset, that she helped Éclair to fight against the GOTT.
  • Éclair: It seems like Wirbelwind and Éclair have a bond as well, but it is actually just an agreement. In the beginning, Wirbelwind thought that Lumiere was it's partner, and thought of Éclair of almost like an enemy. However, over time, the two came to an agreement that for Lumiere's sake, they should stop fighting. Although they keep themselves to this, during some of the episodes Wirbelwind said that Éclair is annoying it to Éclair, through Lumiere. Therefore it seems like only Lumiere can understand it.
  • Tweedledee: Tweedledee has developed a friendship with Wirbelwind, as it belongs to Lumiere. However, this friendship was almost destroyed when Tweedledee was given the mission to plant a virus into the AI so that it would destroy Lumiere and Éclair.
  • Alv: Wirbelwind had problems with Alv during various episodes, especially when she wanted the AI to leave Lumiere and Éclair behind.
  • Dvergr: Wirberwind knows more about Dvergr than Alv. While the two's relationship is still unknown, it seems as if they would share a secret bond between themselves.

Gallery Edit

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