Kiddy Grade VS

Chapter 1

Virago, and her partner, Viper are the antagonists of Kiddy Grade VS. They attacked Éclair and Lumiere with their powers.

Chapter 2

During Chapter 2, Viper and Virago are used by Veronica to create electrostatic energy. Virago uses her ability, Cascade to fill up Veronica with energy, so that she can not only cure herself, but also prepare for the oncoming battle. However, when Viper collapses due to him using his powers too much, Virago realises that Veronica isn't their friend, and only uses them to gain control over GOTT and Eclipse. They decide to join Éclair and Lumiere.

When Viper uses his ability, Connect to absorb the attacks of Veronica, Virago unleashes the energy inside Viper, which causes an explosion. It affects both Lumiere's and Éclair's abilities; they become much stronger, and are able to win the fight agains Veronica.

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