Early life Edit

Not much about Veronica's early life is known. She never changed bodies due to her secondray ability, Quantum reconstruction, therefore her age is unknown.

Life before the GOTT Edit

She became partners with Eclipse before the GOTT was created. She was then known as Quant, and not Eclipse, so Veronica believed that her real name is Quant. They thought that together, they could stop the war on one of the planets they visited. However, they soon found out that they didn't agree on everything; for example, while Eclipse tried to save as many lives as she could, Veronica thought that the lives they are living would be too bad anyway, and instead decided to kill people no matter what. This went mostly unnoticed by Eclipse, but soon she saw her killing an 11 years old boy in one of the cities they visited, which made them realise their differences.

Against Eclipse Edit

After Eclipse decided to leave her, Veronica became mad about "Quant" and her trying to save people's lives thoughts. She decided to use her ability, Material A on Eclipse's ship, which caused an electrical malfunction in the ship and caused it to explode. Veronica thought that Quant died once and for all.

Life after GOTT Edit

After the GOTT was established, Veronica decided to attack Eclipse once more. She found two teenagers, Viper and Virago who had the ability to supply power to their partner. This allowed Veronica to use her powers on a higher leves, which caused a big problem, especially as most of the ES members who fought against her were of lower classes. She terrorised the children and used their powers as much as she wanted to, until they turned against her; they believed that what she was doing was madness, especially as she wanted to kill so many people. This made her angry and so she decided to get rid of the children by using her primary ability, Material A.

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