La-Muse series No.7


La-Muse series No.7

AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 1

Kiddy Girl-and Episode 1

User(s)Éclair & Lumiere
1 (23)
Special WeaponsWirbelwind

AbilitiesAI that can connect to any other ships. It also is connected to Lumiere's power, Puppet.

How rareRare


La Muse is the space ship of Lumière and Éclair, which silhouette reminds one of a swan. It's primary AI is called Wirbelwind(German for Whirlwind). It can, like all E.S. ships, warp on its own. The entire ship is controlled by Wirbelwind. In the cruising cabin of La Muse, where the piloting and navigation is carried out, doesn't have any windows and the outside is only shown by the monitors on the wall. One enters and exits the ship through the elevator in the centre of the floor. Donnerschlag's head is next to the console, looking at the front, between Lumiere's and Éclair's seats, and connected to it. During battles, Lumiere and Éclair are in the Dogfight Bridge, the control and command centre during battle. Inside the Dogfight Bridge, the seats are floating, guided by optic rails. While in the Dogfight Bridge, the ship is piloting through the touchpad on the armrests. Information on the battle are supplied through the 24 wall monitors and central spherical nanomist monitor.

Etymology Edit

Urania (/jʊˈreɪniə/; Ancient Greek: Οὐρανία, Ourania; meaning "heavenly" or "of heaven"), also spelt Ourania, was, in Greek mythology, the muse of astronomy. She is often associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit.

Gallery Edit

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