AnimeKiddy Grade Pilot

Kiddy Girl-and Episode 2



Ascoeur (KG2)

Q-feuille (KG2)

Special WeaponsDe-attachable wing

AbilitiesProtection (Shield)

RangeAny range

Typhon is the Guarding Robot of Ascoeur and Q-feuille in both the Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot and Kiddy Girl-and.

Technology Edit

Typhon is made out of the same special material as "Titano", which means that basically nothing can get through it's armor. It also has a detachable wing, which is used as a shield in it's standing form, and for balance in it's flight mode. However, once detached, it can make Typhon move faster.

Etymology Edit

Typhon is the french word for a typhoon. This links well with the girls' name, as both of them have french names. It has blue and purple colours as well.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only known robot to be made out of a special material in both the Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot and in Kiddy Girl-and.
    • However, in Kiddy Grade, it was stated that Titano is made out of the same special material.
  • Typhon is the only robot that has two standing forms; one which is standing on two legs, and one which is standing on four to maintain balance.
    • When in the two leg standing form, Typhon has it's wings detached, which enables it to move faster. It also gives him a chance to use it's backweaponry, which consists of phaser beams.
    • When in the four leg standing form, Typhon has more balance, especially that it's wings are attached to it's back. This means that in this form, it's not able to attack with it's back weaponry, but instead is able to deflect any attacks towards itself and the people who it is protecting. In this form, it is also able to move it's had up a little bit more.

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