AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 17
Voice Actors
Character Information



Age1 (Kiddy Grade)

Height128 cm

Eye Colorpale/greyish purple

Hair Colorpale/greyish purple



ES AbilityPuppet

Theme colourBlue
WeaponBottle of wine

Twinkle are six clones of Lumiere created by Alv, as she took over as the acting chief of the GOTT. They have the same abilities as the orginal Lumiere

Appearance Edit

They look a lot like their orginal, just with paler hair and eyes. Under Alv's command they all used to wear blue masks hiding their eyes and wore outfits that were inspired by the orginal Lumiere's cloths, just in black with blue outlines and grey gloves and boots.

Later, after they are free from Alv's command the color of their cloths change to that of their repensive ship of the La Muse fleet. Their cloths now have black outlines and they still wear the same gloves and boots.

The repensive color of each one, told arpart by their ships, are:

  1. Clio - purple-blue
  2. Terpsichora - azure blue
  3. Erato - pine green
  4. Euterpe - emerald green
  5. Thaleia - golden yellow
  6. Polymnia - bitter orange


Under Alv's command not much is shown of their peronality. They are seen to be rather proud of their abilities and they also don't seem to mind it when they kill someone, as they didn't minded as it seemed that their partner killed Dextra and Sinistra in their training.

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