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Trixie 0
AnimeKiddy Girl-and
Voice Actors
JapaneseYuki Matsuoka
Character Information



Eye ColorYellow

Hair ColorBrown

RankES Member


ES AbilityPower-S

Theme colourOrange/Brown

Trixie was a skilled, energetic ES member, whom both Ascoeur and Q-feuille greatly admired. It was revealed that she could teleport like Ascoeur, however she was able to carry people and objects, something Ascoeur cannot currently achieve unless "powered up" by Di-air. Trixie was also able to deflect attacks by bending space around her. She is partners with Troisienne. Her unexpected death had a great impact upon Ascoeur and Q-feuille, as well as representing a change in tone for the series. On Trixie's tombstone is written Trixie III Éclair, when it is later revealed in episode 18 that Eclipse, the former GTO director, had attempted to clone Éclair and Lumière using her quantum abilities and that Trixie was the third generation of Éclair with her predecessors being Uniear and Duerry.


Ascoeur looks up to Trixie, as she has some great features that she admires a lot. First of all, She thinks about Ascoeur and the others as a big sister, and takes care of them. She is a little bit childish, like Éclair, and loves to talk. She always help to Ascoeur and the others, no matter what. She think about GTO and the ES Members as her family,and she would do everything in order to protect them.


Etymology Edit

Trixie is a Latin name, a diminutive of Beatrix. The name Trixie means "she who brings happiness", which can be linked to Trixie's over-enthusiast personality and optimistic viewpoint.


  • Trixie shares some similarities with Éclair and Ascoeur.
    • They all are a bit childish.
    • They all protect the ones they love.
    • They all believe in the truth.
    • They all are ES Members.
  • She has a lower class, but very similar ability to Éclair.
  • She and Troisienne are the exact opposites as partners.
    • However, they don't argue that much as others.
  • Trixie and Troisienne are the first team who doesn't have a special ability together.


Screen ShotsEdit

Official ArtworkEdit

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