Time manipulation
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EnglishTime manipulation
MangaKiddy Girl-and PURE

AnimeKiddy Girl-and Episode 1

Kiddy Grade 2





Time manipulation is an ability that slows down the movement of particles. It can temporarila freeze anything, from a moving person to an entire planet.

The only known person who was born with this ability is Geacht'er. However, he can't use his powers on a greater scale like Lumiere.

Q-Feuille was only able to use the sub-ability of time manipulation, called Parfum. It became her original ability. However, after she receives Troisienne's abilities, Parfum and Time manipulation become one ability, which is the full version of Time manipulation.

Lumiere is able to use this ability as her two main abilities, Puppet and Particle are both strongly connected to it. While Puppet only allows her to use it on electrical devices, Particle enables her to move particles. Using Particle, Lumiere is able to use time manipulation on a greater scale than anyone else, who has this ability.

Troisienne was only able to use Particle-S, which enabled her to move particles and to slightly slow them down. However, she was not able to use this ability on more than 3 people.

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