Space manipulation
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EnglishSpace manipulation
AnimeKiddy girl-and Episode 1



Space manipulation is an ability that allows the user to teleport anywhere and to temporarily make particles move faster. It is able to speed up the user, which is basically teleporting.

Éclai uses this ability in Kiddy Girl-and Episode 1, although as she can teleport in the Kiddy Grade series as well, it is possible that she had this ability from the start. However, in Kiddy Grade, it wasn't shown that much, so it might be that her ability was somehow restricted, or less powerful. It is also strongly connected to Éclair's Power ability.

Ascoeur uses this ability throughout the Kiddy Girl-and series and the mangas. This ability is strongly connected to her Push-Pull ability, which enables her to teleport more than one person, and to teleport not just herself, but technically anything. However, her powers somehow are restricted, so until Di-air doesn't make her powers stronger, she is not able to use it as an individual power, but rather as a part of her main power, Push-Pull.


  • To be able to use this ability on a greater scale, the user need to "power up" the ability. Both Éclair and Ascoeur had to power up before using it as an individual power.
    • Ascoeur uses Di-air to power up her ability.
    • However, Éclair uses her own ability, Power to power up her own ability. Power is known to power up any ability the user has.

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