He is the partner of Torch, his abilities being similar. The only difference is that his illusions are implanted in the minds of his targets, giving the victim's eyes a purple and green colour when under the effects. He is also able to read minds as well as brainwash people. He attacks Ascoeur and Troisienne, and seems to sees something special in Ascoeur. He apparently has somewhat of a rivalry with Saphir as shown in episode 11, most likely with their devotion towards Geacht'er, where they scowl at each other passing in the hall and Saphir causes to freeze part of the hall. In episode 19 it is revealed that both Torch and Shade were in the police force; when Shade learned something that could endanger both of them, he refused to tell Torch to prevent him from getting involved. When Torch asked Shade if he would comply with Lord Geacht'er's request to kill Torch, Shade does not answer him. Then as Geacht'er does give the order, Shade refused. He later goes after Torch when he is falling out of the space station, though used his powers on Geacht'er before doing so. He is later seen with Torch living a normal life. Shade also shares the same voice actor as Sinistra from the Kiddy Grade.

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