AnimeKiddy Grade 2 Pilot
Voice Actors
Character Information



Eye ColorBlue

Hair ColorDark purple



Guarding RobotTyphon


ES AbilityParfum

Theme colourPurple / Black

Qfeuille is one of the characters (alongside her partner, Ascoeur) that were announced in the Kiddy Grade 2 pilot, and later were edited in Kiddy Girl-and.

Appearance Edit

Q-feuille has long, dark purple hair with two red hairbands in her hair, which are tied around two hairparts. She has wide, blue eyes.

Her outfit consists of a dark dress with a butterfly symbol on the right top side, lond sleeves and at the end of the skirt, it becomes a two layered dress. The second layer in just a normal red skirt. She also wears two long socks and high heeled shoes as well, which are black too. She wears two white gloves, with two small buttons on each one of them.

Personality Edit

During the documentary, it is revealed that Q-feuille is the more outgoing and social of the two; she resembles a lot to Éclair.

Relationships Edit

  • Ascoeur: Q-feuille relies on Ascoeur a lot, as her ability is not well developed yet. The two have some sort of sister like bonding, just like Éclair and Lumiere has.
  • Éclair: While she resembles Éclair a lot in personality, there is no reference that the two have any type of relationship other that acquintances.

Etymology Edit

Q-feuille's name is a shortened form of her full name, which is "Quatre Feuille";

Quatre mean four in French.

Feuille means leaf in french.

So her full name means four leaves.

Trivia Edit

  • In Kiddy Girl-and, her character was changed;
    • Her entire personality was changed, so that it would resemble Lumiere more, and not Éclair.
    • Her design changed as well, as her character becomes more rounded, especially her face (which can be due to the animation differences.)
    • In Kiddy Girl-and, Q-Feuille is actually a clone, while in Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot, she is just a normal human ES Member with C-Class abilities.
  • She resembles her successor in Kiddy Girl-and as well;
    • The design wasn't changed much in colours and clothes design.
    • Her ES ability is the same.
    • She still uses her "Choco-combs" as weapons.

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