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ClassC-Class (previously)

S-Class (extended)


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The ability Push-Pull is a passive ability. It enables the user to teleport from one space to another.

It's main and only known user is Ascoeur. As its user, she registered this ability to be a C-Class ability. However, due to her training and her power being extended not only by Di-air, but by new sub-abilities, her ability became an S-Class ability. Finally, when this ability was combined with her later active ability, Space manipulation, this ability became a G-Class ability.

C-Class Edit

As a C-Class ability, Push-Pull allows the user to teleport short distances. However, it only allows the user itself to teleport, and only by themselves. This power can be used multiple times, as it requires less energy than any of the upper class versions.

The ability shares similarities with the ability Inside. Both abilities enable the user to teleport. However, Inside allows the user to fit to the space they are travelling to, therefore changing the size of the user.

It also shares similarities to the C-Class version on Power. However, whilst Power only speeds up the user, Push-Pull allows the user to disappear and the reappear in a different space.

S-Class Edit

As an S-Class ability, Push-Pull allows the user to teleport more than one person at the time. It also allows the user to teleport others than themselves, and to teleport small objects.

G-Class Edit

As a G-Class ability, Push-Pull allows the user to teleport larger objects, and to move really large objects such as planets. However, it requires more power, and can mostly be used twice in a short time.

Interestingly, the ability allows the user to use the simpler versions of the ability, such as the C-Class version, therefore allowing the user to use less energy and get tired less easily.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the second ability known in the series to change its class decription, preceeded by Éclair's Power ability.
    • However, this is the only known ability to change its class description three times.

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