AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 1
User(s)Éclair - G-Class

Lightning - C-Class



RangeAll ranges

TypeAttacking, defensive

The G-Class ability of Éclair is probably the most well-known ability amongst the ES Members. "Power" by itself is actually a big group of different abilities, just like "Puppet".

The C-Class version of the ability was used by Éclair until Episode 11 and the Lightning clones as well. This ability only enable them to have superhuman strength and speed. However, they can't use it with the sub abilities at the same time, but only in it's full, unleashed form.

In Episode 11, Éclair unleashed the full potential of her ability, which raised her class from C-Class to G-Class. In it's unleashed form, "Power" is a combination of all the sub-abilities. This is the only time the user is able to use all of the sub abilities at the same time; however, it doesn't last long, and if the concentration of the user is broken, it sets back to it's deafult C-Class ability.

The Sub abilities have grown after Éclair got her memories back, widening her abilities. This meant that even if she didn't unleash "Power" in its' full potential again, she still could use some of the sub abilities together, raising her level from C-Class to G-Class.

Alv and the Lightning clones were not able to achieve the higher levels of this power, due to the fact that they were sharing the same ability; Alv took it away from the clones, and the clones didn't have the actual abilitiy. This means that this ability can't be cloned, making it the only ability that doesn't have a similar ability to it.

Sub-abilities Edit

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