La-Muse series No.6 Polymnia

AnimeKiddy Grade
User(s)Twinkle and Lightning
Special WeaponsReflection Field

AbilitiesReflects all attacks against the ship.

How rareRare



Polymnia was one of the ships that Eclipse gave to the clones. It is an orange themed ship, which resembles to La Muse. We see this ship again in the end of Kiddy Grade.

Weaponry Edit

  • Reflection Field: The ship is able to reflect any attacks made toward the ship. It doesn't only protects it, but also attacks back on the enemy's ship.

Etymology Edit

Polyhymnia (/pɒliˈhɪmniə/; Greek: Πολυύμνια; "the one of many hymns"), also spelt Polymnia (Πολύμνια) was in Greek mythology the Muse of sacred poetry, sacred hymn, dance, and eloquence as well as agriculture and pantomime. She is depicted as very serious, pensive and meditative, and often holding a finger to her mouth, dressed in a long cloak and veil and resting her elbow on a pillar. Polyhymnia is also sometimes credited as being the Muse of geometry and meditation.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • There is only two other ship that has the same special weapon, which are the Calliope and the Ssvart (Melpomene).

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