Season Kiddy Grade, Episode 00
Kiddy Grade Promo video04:50

Kiddy Grade Promo video

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The PV was the first video that promoted Kiddy Grade. It contained many scenes that were not featured in Kiddy Grade; neither in the series, nor in the movies.

However, a short summary was featured in the Kiddy Grade booklet.

Trivia Edit

  • The soundtrack that plays during the PV is Mind by ARIA
  • The Kiddy Grade symbol of death and regeneration made an appearance in the PV for the first time, featuring Lumiere's first body that we see in the series.
    • However, the scene was re-used during episode 20, featuring Lumiere in her second body that we can see in the anime.
  • The conflict between A-ou and Éclair was seen first in the PV, but was later re-used for episode 13.
  • The scene where Tweedledum and Éclair fight was also re-used for the entire episode 15.
    • However, in the PV Éclair loses, while in episode 15, she wins the fight.
Kiddy Grade Promo video04:50

Kiddy Grade Promo video

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