Nanomist Javelin
RōmajiNanomisto Javelin
EnglishNanomist Javelin
AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 18
User(s)Éclair & Lumiere

Lightning & Twinkle

ClassC-Class to G-Class

RangeClose to Mid-range

TypeAttacking, deploy type

Nanomist Javelin is one of the known group abilitie of Éclair and Lumiere. It needs Lumiere's "Puppet" ability for the Nanomist Javelin, and Éclair's "Power" ability to be able to deploy it. The stronger the creator's ability, the faster, bigger and more powerful the javelin becomes.

This ability was used by the Twinkle and Lightning teams in Episode 18, however, they weren't able to create as powerful Nanomist Javelins as Éclair and Lumiere, as their abilities were only C-Class.

Forming Edit

In order to form or create a Nanomist Javelin, the partners need to use two abilites; one that allows them to create the particles or to re-order unused particles from basically anywhere (Power) and an ability to make the particles slow down, pulling them together, therefore creating an actual solid base for it (Puppet).

Trivia Edit

  • Only two pairs can use this ability.
    • The Twinkle and Lightning clones were only able to use this ability as they were clones of Éclair and Lumiere. However, as their powers are not as developed as their originals, they are only able to create one Nanomist javelin at a time, the partners need to be close together, and their Javelins are much more weaker.
    • Éclair and Lumiere however can use their abilities without being close together, are able to produce more than one Javelin and as they use more than one ability to create them, their Javelins are much more powerful.
  • As this ability requires the ability to move particles and to slow down particles, technically Ascoeur and Q-feuille should be able to use Nanomist Javelin as well.
    • In the Kiddy Girl-and series, Ascoeur receives her brother's ability as well, which means that she would also be able to use Nanomist Javelin; not as a group, but rather as an individual ability.
    • However, they never do.

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