Nanomist cloud is the upgraded version of the weapon ability "Nanomist" created by "Bottles of wine". It can be achieved only from a user of the ability "Particle". This weapon ability enables the user to clear any mind-controlling nanobites inside the target. This frees them and enables them to think freely, without being controlled. This ability was used in Kiddy Grade Episode 18 by Lumiere on the Twinkle and Lightning clones.

After Éclair had regain full control over her ability, she was able to create nanomist cloud as well. However, the two are slightly different from each other:

  • Lumiere was only able to use this ability due to her using her weapon, whereas Éclair has always had this sub ability.
  • Éclair's nanomist cloud is much more offensive and physical; it blocks enemy attacks from forming and slows or stops enemies. However, Lumiere's nanomist cloud is both defensive and offensive, as it can not only confuse an enemy, but can also damage electrical devices such as robots.