Kiddy Grade Edit

Episode 12 Edit

Lumiere's eyes Edit

During a running scene, Lumiere was animated closer to the screen than Éclair. As she is running, her eyes start to switch from purple to amber, which is an animation error.


Interlink Edit

During Kiddy Girl-AND's run, there were numerous mistakes that did not mach the timeline of Kiddy Grade.

Eclipse's death

In Episode 18, Q-feuille learns more about the past of the GTO and learns about Eclipse, the former Head of the GOTT. She looks at an opened page on the screen, where it says "To Heaven: SC.0322".


However, the original Kiddy Grade's timeline states that Éclair and Lumiere were still in their first bodies in that time (first bodies in the Kiddy Grade series), and so it is impossible that Eclipse died at that time.

Kiddy Girl-AND Edit

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