Mi Nourose
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RōmajiMi Nurūzu
EnglishMi Nourose
AnimeEpisode 1
Voice Actors
JapaneseMinoru Shiraishi
Character Information

Eye ColorLight Blue/Purple

Hair ColorBlond (Original)

Multicolored (When wearing a wig)


Mi Nourose (ミ・ヌゥルーズ) is the very masculine looking chief of "Touch & Go!", the café Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air work in, as well as the head of the dormitory. Mi Nourose has a penchant for cosplay, and is always seen in a different outfit. At the end of episode 24, Mi Nourose is revealed to be someone of importance as he's seen on top of a ship and has knowledge of the space-frozen time.

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