Material A
EnglishMaterial A
MangaKiddy Grade Versus

Lumiere (as a sub-ability to Puppet)


Defensive Edit

This ability enables Veronica to create antibodies for herself, and move them around anywhere in her body. If she touches somebody around her, she is also capable of moving these antibodies to another person.

While this is Veronica's G-class ability in the Kiddy Grade Versus manga, Lumiere also used it as a part of her "Puppet" ability. In the manga, it is described that Veronica is the "original" ES member with this ability; however, her ability was later reproduced, and became a sub-ability to the ability "Puppet".

In the Kiddy Grade Versus manga, Veronica also used this ability to get power from Virago, and absorbs it for her own use. This suggests that this ability is similar to Alv's and Dvergr's abilities, Absorb and Reflex.

Offensive Edit

Material A allows the user to produce an energy bolt, which can deflect any damage to the user itself and send the damage towards the opponent. This mainly involves the movement of particles as well.

In the Kiddy Grade Versus manga, Tweedlee and Tweedledum together were able to change the direction of the energy bolts aimed at Éclair, Lumiere, Viola and Cesario. This was possible only due to their abilities combined, which means that without the other one's ability, they wouldn't be able to direct them away.

In the last chapter of the novel Kiddy Grade 1, Tweedledee mentions that she is also able to create anti material.