3 years ago Edit

Bran was adopted by her, as he lost his memories.

When they joined the ES members, Maryann had a "memory accident", and is now unable to remember the faces of Bran's parents, nor does she remember any other family members other than Bran. Bran started off calling her Aunt Mary, but Maryann did not like that name, and so Bran now calls her on her proper name, Maryann.

Nightmares Edit

Maryann started to have strange nightmares, which were mostly the same, and only a few things changed.

  • She is running in most of her dreams into a never-ending eternity.
  • There are red and black lamps along the passage she is running in, which she presumes as being cautionary lights.
    • She describes these light as "always in her eye", as she mentions that she can barely see because of them.
  • She presumes that these dreams' goal is to reach the end, where safety is.
  • She says that the dreams are usually the same, but the feeling after the dream changes; she can wake up either strained or as if there is a secret that she is supposed to know, which makes her uncomfortable, especially since her memories have some "blank spots".
  • She needs to jump from one corridor to another one, which is more narrow. She has to jump again, and as the jumps to another, the corridors become more and more narrow.
  • She mentions to hear a voice while running, which accompanies her.

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