Bran Edit

Maryann and Bran have a really close relationship. When Bran was only eight years old, his parents died in an accident, and so was brought up by her aunt, Maryann. He loves Maryann. However, Maryann thinks that she is not a proper mother-type girl, as she is too young. They've been living together for the past three years.

Maryann usually goes to sleep before Bran. When Maryann starts to have her nightmares, Bran puts his head onto her left arm, and uses it as a pillow (which he says is "quite comfortable"), and lets her put her right arm around his body, as "she would hold her own child". This does not only annoy Bran, but also embarrasses him. However, he knows that this is the only way he can calm Maryann down.

Mercredi Edit

Mercredi is friends with Maryann; however, their opinions are usually against each other. She and Mercredi don't argue, but their answers surprise each other, and while both of them want to know each other more, they are more afraid that they will find an enemy instead of a friend in each other.

She also thinks that Mercredi is only interested in data, and not in personal problems, and so doesn't bother her with such things.

Eclipse Edit

Maryann believes that Eclipse is a calming person, to whom she can go and talk to no matter what. She asks questions from Eclipse frequently, and so is more informed than most of the other ES members.

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