Maryann is Bran's adoptive mother, as well as his partner.

Appearance Edit

Maryann appears to be 17 years old, as her character profile says. She has long blonde hair and greyish blue eyes.

She wears a long-sleeved purple dress, with white gloves and light purple high heeled shoes.

Character Edit

Maryann and Bran seem to be the only pair who have are partners, and have the same personality type.

Maryann is a quiet ES member, who is really elegant. She is also very social and enjoys spending time with others and her partner, Bran.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, Maryann is the only known ES member who has her body "frozen"; her body was stopped from changing when she was 17 years old, but in reality, she is 27.
    • It is stated that her aunt froze her body.
      • However, there are no records of unnamed ES members, which could suggest that Maryann and Bran were related to an another ES member from the franchise.
  • She is the first ES member to become a mother. She is succeeded by Dvergr and Éclair.
    • Whilst she and Éclair adopted a child, Dvergr is a mother who gave birth to her child, instead of adopting one.

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