Other languagesMagnetfeld(German)
AnimeKiddy Grade episode 8


Rangefrom close to far distance usable

TypeOffensive and Deffensive
Magnetfeld is the S-classed ability of Tweedledum.

With this ability Tweedledum is able to control the manetic fields around himself.

So far Tweedledum showed different ways of using this ability in Kiddy Grade, these ways are:

  1. To keep something from moving
  2. To crush something
  3. To destroy the floor
  4. To keep pieces of stone hanging in the air
  5. To creat a wall of Nanomist that stops incoming attacks


  • Magnetfeld is German for magnetic field
  • When joined with Tweedledee's Strom the twins can creat an force that is called Windstoß
  • Tweedledum seemed to already had this ability or a similar one in the orginal Kiddy Grade Promo as he was shown to be able to block Éclair's attack with a hand movement and throw her away
  • He's using hand movements to control this ability

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