The Kiddy Grade Books were published after the Kiddy Grade series ended. It is a book of the anime itself, divided into three volumes. They don't have an individual title, but are rather mentioned as "Kiddy Grade 1", "Kiddy Grade 2" and "Kiddy Grade 3".

Kiddy Grade 1 Edit

Novel 01

Story vs Anime Edit

The story is the novelizated form of the first four episodes, until the confrontation with the wide-area economy crime organisation, Virgin Virus. It is a reconfiguration of the anime, in book form.

Official story Edit

Agents Lumiere and Éclair who work as the receptionists of the GOTT's main hall, are in reality ES members of the GOTT, with special abilities.

Under their direction of the bureau director, Eclipse, they go onto a special mission, into space.


Kiddy Grade 2 Edit

Novel 02

Story vs Anime Edit

The second volume of the novelizated version of the anime takes up to the 7th episode of the anime, to the 15th episode.

Official story Edit

Éclair and Lumiere gets involved in a family business; a boy named Timothy is the next family head of the Rosenfelt family; a family of Nouvlesses, who rule the galaxy. However, as Timothy did not grow up in a "safe" environment, and got in touch with "ordinary people" (people who are not Nouvlesses), his position and ability to lead the family is questioned. In addition, Éclair also faces her own personal problems on planet Aure, as she starts to regain her long lost memories from the past, and starts to question things that she is not supposed to question...

Kiddy Grade 3 Edit

Novel 03

Story vs Anime Edit

This is the third novelizated version of Kiddy Grade, and with this last novel, the Kiddy Grade novel series completes it's full cycle. The novel takes up from Episode 16 of Kiddy Grade, to the very last episode.

Official story Edit

Once the GOTT comes back to life after it's partial destruction, the reconstructions begin. However, not everything is back to normal... 

Behind the scenes, Éclair and Lumiere is in control. There are incidents happening all over the galaxy; and when they most need each other, most ES members' whereabouts are unknown. 

On the edge of the end of the GOTT, two new faces arrive, to save the day. 

Gallery Edit

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