The current Bureau Chief of the GTO (her name is French for "winter"). Hiver is actually Mercredi, in a new body, who took the position of chief after Eclipse.

Appearance Edit

Hiver has light green hair and eyes. She wears grey coloured glasses, and wears purple lipstick as make-up, anywhere she goes. Her hair is staright and is always worn down. She has hime-hair, which means that her hair next to her ears is grown extra long. She also has bangs on her forehead, which are cut straight.

She is only seen in her work uniform, which consists of a pale orange top and pants. Her top has two layers, a white shirt which has horizontal foldings on her chest, and a blaiser whish has long sleeves, and shows the end of the shirt's sleeves at the end of it. Her pants are business pants, meaning that they are long and straight.

She also wears a pair of brown high heels.

Character Edit

Etymology Edit

'Hiver' is french for "winter"; this mostly contrasts her personality, as she is always nice and warm with people.

The same contrast can be seen with her partner's personality and etymology, Sommer, who has a rather cold personality.

Trivia Edit

  • She is presumably the first director of GTO.
    • However, it is unknown if she took over GTO from Eclipse, or if she was the one who formed it in the first place.
  • Hiver is the first S-Class ES Member to ever become a director/chief.
    • She is the first non-GOTT personnel to become a director in the first place.
    • She is also the only known chief/director in the series other than Eclipse.
  • She is only seen to use her ES ability in this series, whereas the name of her ability was mentioned not only in Kiddy Grade, but in the Kiddy Grade mangas as well.


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