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JapaneseSatoshi Hino
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Eye ColorBlue

Hair ColorBlond

The leader and founder of G Society whose goal is to dismantle the GTO. He projects a message to Aineias claiming that the GTO are corrupt and that his G Society will bring peace to the galaxy. His ability is to plant deadly roses onto targets. These roses are white before turning red while the victim is dying. After the death, the rose then turns black. He has also inherited the ability to manipulate time. Many of the G Society believe he is not who he claims to be, but are too scared to voice their thoughts aloud. It is later revealed he was the one who caused the incident 25 years ago, trying to destroy the universe and since then has created the G Society. It is later revealed he has done all of this in an attempt to destroy the universe again, though it is unknown if he used the Nouvelesse's hope to regain their title for his own gain. In episode 15, Geacht'er reveals to Ascoeur that she is his sister Liselotte and that his real name is Alfred, given that they share the same rose birthmark. Since then he seems to have become obsessed to have his little sister with him (which appears to boarder an incest desire), something that has caused noticeable jealousy with his more devoted Shadow Workers like Saphir, Shade and Letuchaia. Despite his polite and kind personality, he is able to kill anyone in his way without a second thought. Also an interesting note, his most loyal Shadow Workers were the ones who were conscious when he saved them, as well as coming to their aid just when they needed him the most. He claims he has always been alone since his sister disappeared, and has shown to not hesitate to try to kill anyone who is no longer of use to him, this including his own followers or even rigging the G Society ship to explode, killing all 50,000 people on board (including Pauki and Letuchaia's grandmother) if Ascoeur didn't follow his plan.

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