Other languagesGanador(German)
AnimeKiddy Grade episode 13
User(s)A-ou and Un-ou

Ganador Ganador is the guard robot which Un-ou and A-ou have had since before joining the GOTT. Similar to their ship, Salyut, Ganador has a body with a very high-level of offensive power and speed, and it complements and strengthens Un-ou's and A-ou's superb sensory powers. Its main weapons are the beam guns on its shoulders and beam guns inside its arms. It always carries 6 missile launchers on its middle block. It is a Solid Shell with sophisticated AI capable of autonomous functioning, and it also records the actions and experiences of Un-ou and A-ou.

Ganador's special equipment are the thrusters on its shoulders that allow it to Inertial Boost. This is a miniaturized version of the inertial drive system/inertial drive, normally equipped on GOTT's special ships. Although it can only be used for short periods, Ganador has the speed to crush its enemies with Inertial Boost. Guard robots with these types of functions are extremely rare, and it makes one curious as to how Un-ou and A-ou obtained Ganador.