GTO is the successor of GOTT in the Kiddy Girl-and series. After a fight agains intergalactical criminals, the original GOTT has been destroyed, which meant that a new office was needed. The GTO was created by Eclipse, however, after she died, Hiver took her place as the Head of the GTO.

Divisions Edit

There are two forces working together in the GTO; the ES members who protect most of the planet (and the universe), and soldiers, who protect the civilians.

ES System Edit

Despite the fact that the GTO is the successor of the GOTT, the ES division have had changes in it. The normally used "class" system is not used anymore. There are only two types of ES members; ES Cadets and ES Members.

The GTO doesn't use their ES members according to their class, which created some classes that are mixed; such is S+/G-, which is Trixie and Troisienne's class. It means that they are past S-class, but are still not G-class.

Places Edit

There are 3 known places in the GTO; the Touch and Go! Café, the GTO Reception and Hiver's office.

Gallery Edit

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