"Faunus? That money-grubbing corporate planet?" - Éclair talking about planet Faunus in Kiddy Grade Episode 1.

Planet Faunus was the second planet that was introduced in the Kiddy Grade series. It's government had issues with the planet Medeia. In the end, it all came to an end as the two governors were able to settle the conflict with the help of Éclair, Lumiere and Armbrust.

Geology Edit

Faunus is an Earth-type planet, meaning that it has most of the functions Earth has; and it looks like Earth as well.

It seems that there are 3 or 4 seperated continents on the planet. There seem to not be any ice on the north and south poles of the planet, and the ocean seems to seperate continents. Additionally, the continents seem to have similar shape and positioning to the continents of Earth.

Places on the planet Edit

Story Edit

In Episode 1, Éclair and Lumiere were given the task to bring Armbrust to Medeia, to have a conversation with the planet's president. This conversation would have settled the difficulties between the two planets.

History Edit

Relevance Edit

Quotes Edit

"Faunus? That money-grubbing corporate planet?" ~Éclair

"Faunus must really be messed up." ~Éclair

"There's also the possibility that a faction from Faunus set them up as disguise..." ~Lumiere

"So, Planet Faunus' president was able to put their shady military in check, as well as improve the image of their corporate planet, which means that his win in the next election is secure." ~Mercredi

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