Q-feuille joins Letuchaia and Pauki on a trip to the hospital to visit their grandmother, but things quickly turn sour when various people mention how Q-feuille replaced Letuchaia as Geacht’er’s little sister princess. This confuses Q-feuille because her altered memories tell her that it’s only ever been her, and in frustration, Letuchaia tells Q-feuille the truth about her GTO ES-member origins. This leads to Q-feuille remembering Ascoeur and Di-air, but her hair ornament causes her to lose consciousness. Shade and Torch then take her back to her room, and Shade makes her forget all about this incident. Meanwhile, over at GTO headquarters, Ascoeur and Di-air decide to move out to go get Q-feuille back, and this time Hiver lets them because she’s also ready to act on the frozen time space. After saying goodbye to their friends, Ascoeur and Di-air take the Mistral to G-Society’s Erde Meteor and sneak onboard while their ship keeps the defense forces occupied. On the way in, Ascoeur gets the feeling that she’s been there before and experiences several flashbacks, including one of her brother. The girls soon get attacked by Q-feuille who’s there with Geacht’er. He calls Ascoeur by the Lieselotte name, but she declares that she’s Q-feuille’s partner Ascoeur.