Knowing that Q-feuille has been captured thanks to a recording made by Typhon, Ascoeur is determined to go rescue her. Q-feuille is actually being treated quite well right now by her captors (unaware they want nothing to do with her), and part of that is because she has no memories of who she is. She spends the most time with Rubis and Saphir who reveal to her that they used to be assassins for the government. That changed when the Nouvlesse period ended, and their new masters tried to torture them into obedience. They were luckily rescued from this by Geacht’er. Q-feuille also meets the other Shadow Workers and learns what her own name is, and while she still has no memories of who she is, the name Ascoeur stays in her head. She goes as far as to write Ascoeur’s name down on her mirror, however Shade pays her a visit the next day and implants memories in her to make her think that she’s Geacht’er’s little sister. This changes her and makes her forget the name Ascoeur.