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Encode is the G-Class ability of Eclipse. It is the adaptation of the soul's quantum particles. It also enables her to regenerate her body. This ability is rather rare, as there haven't been anyone else mentioned using or having this ability in the series other than Eclipse.

Importance Edit

This is the main ability that enables GOTT ES members to live a long life. However, it only enables the soul to be moved from the old body to the new body, and can't create new bodies for ES members.

History Edit

Throughout history, the ability Encode was used to transfer the quantum particles of the soul into a new body, if the old body wasn't functioning properly.

Before the GOTT, Eclipse didn't know much about her ability, as she had no idea whether this ability even exists or not. Only after she joined the GOTT (with Veronica as her partner) she found out that she has a second ability, which was hidden and never used by her.

About the user(s) Edit

The only known user of this ability is Eclipse, the Director of GOTT, who uses this ability to enable the ES Members to live a long lasting life.

Technology Edit

As this ability can only be used by Eclipse, and can't create new bodies, the GOTT decided to create a special unit of doctors and technicians to study this ability and to provide bodies for the transfer of a soul. However, as keeping a body seemed to be too unethical, they created half cyborg, half human bodies that the ES members can control more easily, and which bodies adapt to the ES Members' special abilities.

Similar abilities Edit

Name User Main ability Comparison
Particle Lumiere This ability enables the user to move particles freely, destroying and/or re-creating new forms or objects. This ability can only re-create bodies, and is not able to transfer the quantum particles of the soul.

Trivia Edit

  • There are some rumours that Di-air, from Kiddy Girl-and has the same abilities as Eclipse; however, this is not yet confirmed.
  • This is the only ability mentioned in the series that doesn't have an image to represent; the ability itself doesn't show and is not recognisable.
  • Encode's regenerating ability is also similar to the ability Power.
    • Both of these heal the body and save the user's life.
    • However, Power can't work when a D-command is in progress, while Encode can.

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