Before Kiddy Grade (Memories) Edit

Before the time Kiddy Grade is set in, Eclipse is shown as a GOTT ES Member, alongside Éclair and Lumiere. In SC.0165, she changed her name to "Eclipse" and formed a team with Éclair and Lumiere.

Kiddy Grade Edit

Eclipse is shown to be the head of GOTT during the series, however, when Éclair and Lumiere attack GOTT, and "Éclair" (Alv in the form of Éclair) shots her, she is declared dead. Even so, two episodes in and she is shown to be very much alive. She reveals that even though she is not an ES Member anymore, she still has her ability, "Quant", and is able to use it.

Kiddy Girl-and Edit

Eclipse dies due to her using her powers too much in the process of creating clones of Éclair and Lumiere. After Q-feuille is made, she is unable to clone anyone, and is concerned because Q-feuille doesn't have a partner.

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