In Kiddy Grade Edit

E.S stands for Encounter of Shadow-work Member.

E.S Units are found in many government agencies. Their job is to solve problems and take care of cases which are impossible to handle by normal means. Most of them are called only by their code names, and the personnel list is top secret. Its existence originally was unknown to regular citizens.

Most of the central characters in the series are ES members of GOTT "Shadow Unit." The Shadow Unit is a group of super powered individuals that acts as the elite enforcement division of GOTT and hence, of the Galactic Union. Their powers are ranked by "class," of which three are named in the series: C class is the lowest, S is high, and G is the highest. At the beginning of the series, it is believed that no ES member possesses G class abilities but it is later revealed to be false. ES members are organized in pairs of the same class and each is issued a customized and very advanced spaceship and a guard robot.

The protagonists of the series are Éclair and Lumière, a C class pair of ES agents, who have a long back-story together from before joining GOTT. Their past is gradually revealed throughout the series as they come to realize and accept it. Their spaceship is called La Muse (French: The Muse) and their guard robot is Donnerschlag (German: Thunderclap); both are also part of their back-story. As ES members, Éclair and Lumière report directly to the chief of GOTT, Eclipse, a strict and collected woman whose orders they cannot disobey. Often accompanying them in the early episodes is the Galactic Union auditor Armbrust (German: Crossbow) who appears to have multiple hidden agendas.

Other ES members are: Alv and Dvergr (S class), an arrogant pair who eventually become Éclair and Lumière's antagonists; Tweedledee and Tweedledum (S class), fraternal twins with a complicated relationship towards the protagonists; Viola and Cesario (C class) who are generally on good terms with Éclair and Lumière; Un-ou and A-ou (S class), former mercenaries with a long-standing rivalry with them; and Sinistra and Dextera (S class), a bishōnen pair held in high regard by all their colleagues for their professionalism. Also of note are Mercredi, Eclipse's personal assistant with a hidden agenda, and Chevalier D'Autriche, the Secretary General of GOTT whose past is intertwined with Éclair's

GOTT's E.S members Edit

The GOTT'S E.S is made up from different individuals with super human powers.

Image Name Class Abilities Status
B A-ou A-ou S-Class Amplifier Alive
1-349695585 Alv S-Class Reflex


Angelo S-Class Photonic Deceased
1-475760937 Bonita Gerard S-Class Sacrifice Unknown (presumably deceased)
KiddyGradePR1.6 Bran C-Class Accelator Deceased
Burst S-Class Gravity Unknown (presumably deceased)
Cesario-full Cesario C-Class Driver Alive
1-52732596 Dextera S-Class Anywhere Alive
1-1830300644 Dvergr S-Class Absorb



Dyne Dyne C-Class Unknown Unknown (presumably alive)
B Eclair1 Éclair G-Class Power

Nanomist Javelin

Space manipulation

1-1024644065 Eclipse G-Class Quant


Clone3 Lightning C-Class Power (restricted to C-Class) Unknown (presumably deceased)
B Lumiere1 Lumiere G-Class (formerly C-Class) Puppet

Particle Nanomist Javelin Time manipulation

KiddyGradePR1.4 Maryann C-Class Supressor Deceased
B Sinistra sinistra S-Class Whenever Alive
B Tweedledee Tweedledee S-Class Strom


B Tweedledum Tweedledum S-Class Magnetfeld


Twinkle Twinkle C-Class Puppet Unknown (presumably deceased)
Un-ou Un-ou S-Class Amazing Alive
B Viola Viola C-Class Calamity Alive
Viper Viper S-Class Connector Unknown (presumably deceased)
Virago Virago S-Class Cascade Unknown (presumably deceased)
Veronika Veronica G-Class Material A

Quantum reconstruction


GU's E.S members Edit

The GU is the only other agency in Kiddy Grade that is shown to have E.S members with superhuman abilitiess.

Image Name Class Ability Status
1-837427972 Armbrust S-class Blackbox Alive
Pfiel Pfielspitze S-Class Inside Alive

In Kiddy Girl-AND Edit

The era of Kiddy Girl-AND presented a new generation of GTO ES members. The main protagonists became Ascoeur and Q-feuille, who both were GTO ES trainees. They were also accompanied by some former GOTT ES members during their adventures and missions.

However, the G-Society also made an appearance, showing that there are people outside of GTO who have superhuman abilities.

GTO's ES Members Edit

Image Name Class Ability Status
B A-ou A-ou S-Class Amplifier Alive
Ascoeur 0 Ascoeur Trainee (former)




Space manipulation

Kiddy.Girl-and.600.719550 Di-air Trainee Unknown (presumably similar to Quant) Alive
5688-1559654631 Hiver S-Class Inside Alive
35c96114246e7f9dd29fd98a47d6b3611291161160 large Q-Feuille Trainee (former)




Bcab29b5c6a0373ef77753d276e883d91291161228 large Sommer S-Class Blackbox Alive
Trixie Trixie S-Class Power-S Deceased
Troisienne2 Troisienne S-Class Particle-S Deceased

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