Planet EG-10129 is under maintenance, as it is being reformed to be an earth-type planet. It will still nedd another 10 years until all oceans fill up, and an another 20-30 years until plants will start to take roots.

The only living thing on this planet is the "Islands", which is a floating metal cage carrying the people who supervise the planet's change in the atmosphere, core and land.

History Edit

Éclair and Lumiere escaped here in order to be able to check every part of the La Muse, as it needed to be ready anytime someone attacks them. However, Teedledee planted the Hashish into Wirbelwind, which resulted in a battle between Éclair and Donnerschlag, and the virus and Lumiere. In the end, both Donnerschlag and La Muse blew themselves up, without killing Lumiere or Éclair.

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