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PartnerÉclair (former)

ES AbilityUnknown

Dyne (or Dain) is an ES member without a partner. Although he is not officially a part of GOTT, he still works as an ES Member from time to time. He also works on his own cases.

Personality Edit

He is proud of his enormous powers, and is reckless. He gets along with Éclair, even though Éclair sees him as arrogant and annoying.

Story Edit

Dyne meets with Éclair in Kiddy Grade VS.

Abilities Edit

Although his ability does not have a name, and is not confirmed yet, he uses powers, most likely sub-abilities of his individual ability while helping Éclair and Lumiere.

However, what is known is that the ability that he uses amplifies his physical abilities, in a similar way the ability, "Power" does.

Power Lay - Chapter of the Fist Edit

He is able to get through the armour of a genetic beast, targeting its heart/main organ. He also is able to rip that part of the genetic beast out of the body.

Etymology Edit

The name Dain, in ancient Korean, means "a man of virtue"

Gallery Edit

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