Dvergr's past Edit

Dvergr was a GOTT ES member before she became pregnant with Alv, and had a different partner. Her husband's identity is unclear. However, shortly after she gave birth to Alv, she was forced to leave her on a planet and give her to an adoption center because of her works for GOTT.

During this period, she didn't know much about Alv's whereabouts, as the GOTT kept it a secret from her, so that she would be able to focus more on her work.

However, Alv started to show some abilities similar to Dvergr's, which made GOTT director Eclipse think that Alv should become Dvergr's new partner, especially because their powers were similar. Dvergr got separated from her previous partner, and searched for her daughter. When she found her, they became a partner and worked for the GOTT.

This time made Dvergr feel guilty of the fact that she left her only child alone, and since then, she follows Alv's decisions and orders no matter what, which caused her a lot of trouble.

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