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AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 7


This ability allows the user to disperse matter at the molecular level. The user can break the connections between molecules and bonds, and so the elements fall apart.

The ability is also able to link elements together, creating new shapes, bonds and molecules. This also means that the user can control nanotechnology as well, but only to an extent. They can't move it or control the technology, but rather can destroy it or create it out of nothing. However, the ability only allows the user to create simple structures, as the ability's main purpose is to destroy matter at a molecular level.

The ability is also strongly connected to the ability Driver, as dispersing matter and creating matter both need a large amount of energy. However, the ability itself can't provide that much energy, and so is useless without the help of an another user, who can supply energy.

The only known user of this ability is Viola, who's helped by Cesario.

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