Butler Robots
EnglishButler Robots
Other languagesKiszolgálók (Hungarian)
AnimeKiddy Grade Episode 2
How rareCommon


The butler robots are the direct assistants of Lumiere. They share the house with her, and help her in any way necessary.

They don't have any weapons. Their main function is to clean, keep the house clean and assist Lumiere in any way possibly. They share their network with Wirbelwind, therefore they are able to speak with Lumiere indirectly.

Appearance Edit

Two types of butler robots can be seen in Lumiere's house; one with a more human-like head, and one with a less-humanoid shape.

House assistants Edit

House assistants are the basic versions of Lumiere's butler robots. They are made of grey metal, their eyes are on the sides of their heads and they have a black line on the middle of their heads.

These robots are mainly for cleaning and housework. They all have a red bowtie shaped metal decoration on their chest area, and have two or three red buttons below it.

Butlers Edit

There are less butlers than house assistants. They are the ones who mainly open doors and assist Lumiere with everyday things, such as company.

They have a more humanoid head hsape, and have a hair-like hetal at the back of their head. They all have a black bowtie on their chest area, and two or three black buttons under it. They also have a black metal colouring on the bottom half of their bodies.

Trivia Edit

  • Only Lumiere is seen to use these types of robots.
  • The robots are only able to speak to Lumiere, and presumably to Tweedledee.

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