Early childhood Edit

Alv as a child
As her mother, Dvergr was a GOTT ES member, Alv was left alone on a distant planet in an adoption center. This fueled her anger towards the Nouvlesses, as she knew that they were the ones controlling the GOTT, and were the ones who made her mother leave her alone.

Not much about his father is known; there is a possibility that he in fact was Dvergr's first partner but died shortly after Alv's birth, or that the actual father didn't even know about the child. He is not mentioned in any Kiddy Grade material.

Teenager years Edit

Alv as a teenager
Alv started to develop her abilities, which were similar to Dvergr's abilities. This made her power-hungry, as she felt that her powers came to her to save her life and to help her in order to control everything and everyone. However, as her powers developed, she was unable to control them, which led to a lot of deaths for the people around her. She was accused of a lot of things she didn't do, and was constantly beat up.
Alv past 2
As she had noone who would stick up to her, she began to use her powers more openly, which only resulted in more terror from other people, and her losing her ability to differentiate right from wrong. She became independant and powerful, but she still couldn't control her abilities; the ones she held close to her heart were killed either by her, or by people who were afraid of her, and so she became even more isolated, and learnt to trust noone.

Her mother, Dvergr later came back for her, and took her to GOTT. Eventually, she learnt everything about her abilities from her mother; however, she was still constantly angry at the Nouvlesse system and Eclipse, the director at the time.

Early adult life Edit

Alv came to the conclusion that she can do anything she wants, as her mother would support her out of guilt no matter what. This made her become more and more power hungry. She also started to look down on ES members of lower ranks than her rank, and to humans without abilities.

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