Planet Aineias is the most seen planet in the anime. IT serves as the main point in the series, as most stories link in with the history of the planet itself.

Geology Edit

As an Earth type planet, Aineias has the geological structures resembling Earth itself. Although not much of its geology is known, it is shown in Kiddy Grade that there is one main continent with a city on it (which is the base where the building of the G.O.T.T. is) and in Kiddy Girl-AND it is shown that there is a small island connected to the main continent, which is the base for the newly formed G.T.O.

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Kiddy Grade Edit

During the run of Kiddy Grade, Aineias appears the most out of all planets, and so we see more places on this planet than on any other planets.

G.O.T.T. Edit

The G.O.T.T. was based on Aineias, and so all E.S. members were based there as well. The building of G.O.T.T. was seen in many episodes as a tall, dark blue coloured building amongst other blocks of flats, but still being taller than those buildings. Located in the main island and in the heart of the city, it stands out quite clearly.

Park No.1 Edit

The first park we see in the anime is near Eclair's apartment, and mainly families use it. Eclair visited it when her memories began to come back, as a way to relax and focus her mind on her day off.

Park No.2 Edit

The second park is seen during the attack on the G.O.T.T. building. When the visitors and workers were evacuated, it is shown that the building itself has a small park around it, which was used to separate the evacuated people and to check that everyone got out of the building safely.

Fleur Edit

The Fleur cafe has been a major part of Eclair's life during the first part of the series. She was a regular visitor at the cafe, and befriended Caprice, one of the waitresses there. Their friendship started not long after Eclair woke up after sealing away her memories, and ended after she began getting her memories back. Nothing has been heard of her later on. Eclair also had a huge debt in the cafe, but later payed it all, showing that she won't visit the cafe ever again.

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  • This is the only planet that appeared in both Kiddy Grade and Kiddy Girl-and.
    • It is also the most seen planet, as it is the home of both the GOTT and the GTO.